We have an entire team and network that we can call into action. You can rest assured that all of our tradespeople are highly trained, factory certified and ticketed professionals. Simplify all your fire protection requirements with one call.


We are respected industry leaders and we have helped thousands of businesses improve their fire protection. We will work with you to ensure that your fire protection systems are safe and compliant with all National, Provincial and Municipal codes and bylaws.

It is our job to find the small problems before they become big problems. Fire is very serious business and we never take anything for granted. Our testing, inspection and repair services are completed with the utmost caution and care.


Effective fire protection and suppression is not only critical for protecting lives, it can mean the difference between minor damage to your business and total destruction.

Trust your fire protection services to Bandit, a dependable industry leader since 1988.

For more information:

  • National Fire Protection Association – they set the standard for fire service. Note that these standards do not become laws or building code until your local government adopts them. Trust Bandit to be able to decipher which standards are code and which ones are best practices.
  • Alberta Office of the Fire Commissioner – they provide technical advisory services; coordinate training and certification standards; provide public safety campaigns; collect, analyze and publish data; and they administer the accreditation and certifications for fire rescue.